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⚠️ Alpha version Beware ⚠️

This version is an Alpha version of the application. Far beyond a beta this kind of version is subject to lots of changes, some bugs, some abnormal things.

Take screenshots

Screens, Windows or connected devices

Splendidis offers  options to  quickly create a screenshot of  a desktop, a window or connected iOS and Android devices.

(Android SDK should be installed to take screenshot of Android devices)

Record video

Screens, Windows or connected iOS devices

Use the snapshot button to select a screen, a window or a just a part of the screen that your want to record. Hold the Shift key to record audio and video comment.
Use the Record menu option to show the record window and select the iOS devices to record.

Text, Image or Video

Enhance media  by adding background,  your logo, changing font or theme. Or apply a predefined preset.
(hilight.js is used internally for syntax colouring on text).

Video Effects

Add video effects to draw attention to a specific part.

What can I do with Splendidis ?

Splendidis helps you improve any kind of visual media sharing. A piece of code, an image or a video. Splendidis offers you to add some features to make your content more beautiful.
Define your settings (adding background, logo, etc…) save these settings and easily apply them to all your content with just one click.

Everything works ?

Obviously it is not the case… Splendidis works well on text and image (simply drop text or image on the window, changes things as you want et drag the image where you want ). For the video there is still a lot of effort that I have to give but you can drop a video on the window, apply some effects (background, padding, logo, etc..) and export the result via the Export button.
Splendidis is not a video editor its is intendent to used with short video.

How to edit content

To work on new content simply drop them on the Splendidis window.
The Snapshot button offer quick way to take screenshot from a screen, a window or a connected iOS device (user permission required).

How to start and stop recording

To start recording select the « Record » option when clicking on the Snapshot button. To stop recording click on the stop button in the menu bar. The stop button appear only when recording.

What macOS version

Splendidis should work on macOS 10.15 and later but alpha version has only been tested on macOS 12 Intel (because that’s all I have for now).

What else ?

Splendidis will come with sharing app extension(available in alpha but not fully working) and a command line tool (Contents/MaOS/spdis) with a poor documentation for now.

Why ?

It started three months ago for fun with a question: "How to use macOS Core API like CoreGraphics, Core Image, AVFoundation, etc?" » it ended with Splendidis.

Others features to come...

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Record Preview

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More Backgrounds

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Dynamic backgrounds

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More video effects

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Hotkeys in video

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Text in video

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